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Hi Phil!
Here are some examples my AE work 

Sit N Sleep >>

I concepted, storyboarded, edited and animated a bobillion Sit n Sleep commercials over the last 15 years.  Here are a few.  The only things I did not do on them is 1) build & animate 3d bird, 2) build & animate the twerking turkey, 3) build & animate the ship, 4) shoot the live action (though I did produce that).

Digital/Social Animation >>

I concepted, storyboarded, and animated all of these.  I threw in one of the flipbooks I did - have done a ton of those over the years.  The Beatles was the most fun.

SVB >>

Sheila asked if I've done any screen replacement.  I did a series of these for Silicon Valley Bank.  I also designed, storyboarded and animated the whole thing (I did not do the edit).

Genentech >>

Recently animated a series of opens for Genentech internal meetings.  Ripping off show opens.

Dell Technologies >>

I concepted and produced all of these.  Storyboarded a lot of them.  Animated a handful of the shots.  Was creative lead on most - working with a director, art director, and artists. 

Little Beast still hires all of the artists who worked on these on a regular basis.
(except Logan!)

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